Offering you a complete choice of products which include Immersion Heater.

Immersion Heater

Immersion Heater

Panchal Heaters proudly offers a wide range of Immersion Heaters for industrial as well as commercial purposes. Being the noted Coil Heater Manufacturers we offer our clients nothing but the finest quality of devices that are built for high performance and durability.

Our Immersion Heaters are designed for a specific task in various industries. These types of equipment are used to heat liquids by immersing them in a tank or a container. They can either be installed over the side of the container, threaded or flanged according to the client’s specific requirements. Using premium quality materials, our engineers design the best immersion heaters according to various specifications and dimensions accepted by the industry standards. As our clients use these heaters for various industries having various design structures for containers, we offer to customize the immersion heaters as well.

Being the best Industrial Heaters Manufacturers we promise to deliver the best quality heaters no matter what your requirements are. Approach us with your specifications and we will provide the best fitting heaters for your requirements.


  • Element Spacers & Supports, maximizes heater life and application performance
  • Integral thermostats or thermocouples available, allowing integral control or temperature monitoring
  • Recompacted element bends provide longer life by ensuring insulation integrity
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